Who Is Misty Loman, Drug Causes, and Is She Still Recovering?

Many individuals do drugs for fun, while others do it to cope with some sad situations. The same goes with the case of Misty Loman, she faced difficult situations in her life, lost her three sons, and was diagnosed with cancer and an auto immune disease. At this rock bottom phase of her life, Loman planned to use drugs till she died to end this difficult life.

Who is Misty Loman?

Misty Loman was born in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green and was married to Jr.Gary Glass. She was arrested in 2019 for using meth, She had also been in and out of jail fifteen times in her life.

 Misty gained public attention when Adam Bieber, a Wisconsin Sheriff, issued a series of mugshots of drug addicts to raise awareness of the adverse effects of drugs on the individual. In that series, Misty Loman’s mugshots went viral.

Mugshots only told one side of the story and didn’t disclose the real reason behind her appearance. Many people mock Misty Loman for her appearance and blame her for running her own life without knowing the backstory of her health.

But many of her friends and internet users who know Misty urged people to stop circulating her pictures without knowing her story as she is facing some difficult times.

Misty Loman Diseases

After her pictures went viral, Misty Loman herself clarified the real reason behind her appearance. She said she had been previously diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, including Lupus, Panniculitis, bone cancer, and Scleroderma.

Scleroderma and Lupus don’t only affect her skin, face, and arms but also attack her body fat tissues. She went through chemotherapy to treat her cancer, and in this, she lost her weight and hair. 

How Misty Loman Got Into Drugs?

A few years back, Misty Loman was at the lowest part of her life. She had lost her home and family. She got into a deep depression when she lost her three sons. 

But difficulties didn’t end there; while coping with the pain of her three children, Misty was diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma. 

Where is Misty Loman Now, and What Is She Doing Now?

Misty Loman has been sober for more than three years; she also clarified that her children’s death stemmed from his sickness and wasn’t due to drugs.

In October 2020, she gave an interview with WBKO in which she said.

“I was broken, mind, body, and spirit, and I saw no way out. I didn’t want to Wake up. I lost everything, I was homeless, and I had lost my kids. I literally lost my mind, and I didn’t really think I’d ever snap back.” 

“These tragedies have traumatized me, and I couldn’t get my mind right and saw no way out. Turned to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain and to feel numb.”

She further added:

I was in a dark, scary place, lost, confused, and severely depressed. I didn’t want to love and had hit rock bottom, the lowest in my life.”

Loman Misty Believing in God-help her out.

As her situation became worse, her older son begged her to seek therapy; she then underwent Long term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety Center. 

Her further belief in God helped her to come out of this worse situation. 

“If you’re struggling and see no way out and your mind, body spirit is broken, just ask God. Prayers really work, they really do, and I’m living proof of it, “says Loman

She is now doing well and living her life to the fullest, and she is also excited to try out and do new things on her own.

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