Wild Weather Wreaks Havoc in South Australia: Homes Damaged & Thousands Left Powerless

Hey folks, tough times in South Australia as a fierce thunderstorm tore through, causing some serious problems. The State Emergency Service (SES) has been slammed with over 250 calls for help. Picture this: more than 40mm of rain pouring down in just an hour in one part of Adelaide. Lightning was dancing across the sky, and strong winds were playing havoc.

Now, here’s where it gets real – a building site took a hit, and a massive concrete block fell near an Adelaide business. A mother and baby got caught up in the chaos, with the baby ending up with glass on its head. The scenes were intense, with emergency services rushing in.

The Bureau of Meteorology didn’t hold back on the stats – over 43,000 lightning strikes and flash flooding across the state. Adelaide experienced its wettest November day in almost 20 years. Scotch College recorded a whopping 75mm of rain in just 24 hours. That’s some serious downpour!

Flights at Adelaide Airport were grounded because of lightning, causing a ripple effect of delays. Imagine being a traveler, sitting on the floor, fingers crossed that connecting flights still make sense.

Power outages hit hard too. Tens of thousands of homes went dark. SA Power Networks had their hands full, dealing with outages from Eyre Peninsula to the Riverland. Around 30,000 people woke up to no power after the storm. It’s been a mission getting everything back online.

SA weather: storms cause damage to homes, floods and leave thousands without power | Adelaide | The Guardian https://t.co/B8xIhrfjmq

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The SES was out there on the front lines, responding to over 250 calls for assistance. That’s a lot of people in need. And it didn’t stop there – more calls poured in as the morning progressed, hitting around 170 by 9 am. Mitcham took a beating, especially between 6 am and 7 am.

Now, the aftermath includes a serious cleanup. Roads are slippery, and there are reports of traffic lights out in various places. And remember, folks, it’s not over yet – there’s still a chance of intense wind gusts later on.

It’s a real rollercoaster in South Australia right now, and the community is feeling it. But there’s resilience too. Stay tuned to the local news for the latest, and if you’re in the affected areas, look out for your neighbors. It’s times like these that community spirit shines through.

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