Tobias Dorzon NFL Career Stats – Net Worth, Chef Career, Wife, Kids And Bio

Tobias Dorzon is a former professional American NFL and CFL player and one of the most incredible players; surprisingly, he changed his career completely and became a chef.

Many people define this career change as unusual, but fortunately, this career is proven successful.

Tobias Dorzon Bio

Tobias Dorzon was born on November 23, 1984, and as of 2022, he is 38 years old. He was born in New Carrollton, Maryland, USA, Tobias father was an immigrant, while her mother was an American.

His father was a chef and owner of a restaurant called Kendejah, where he served West African Style food, while his mother was a housewife.

 Tobias Dorzon has ten siblings, but their names and details about them are unknown.

Tobias was fond of cooking since childhood but opted for football as a career first; he started playing football in high school; he graduated from a local High School and attended college at Lackawanna Junior College.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Jackson state university, and Tobias also played football at the university. 

Tobias Dorzon NFL Career

Tobias used to play football since High School but began his professional career at university; he participated in university college football and was on scholarship on the grounds of an athletic grant.

Tobias Dorzon entered the NFL after college and played for the Tennessee Titans for a short while before moving on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an entire season. After leaving the NFL, he relocated to Canada to play in the Football League. 

In Canada, he signed up to play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and played for them for two years.

According to 650.ORG, there are no proper records of Tobias Dorzon games which is quite unusual because the NFL keeps up-to-date records of player’s game performance, whether they are currently playing or they are former players. 

Tobias enjoyed fame as a player, but his love for cooking didn’t let him sit in Peace; he left his football career in 2012 to pursue his childhood passion.

In 2012, one of his off-seasons, he decided to attend Culinary School; for this, he went to Brazil, and after attending that school, he said goodbye to his football career. 

Tobias Dorzon Chef Career

Tobias Dorzon started his career as a chef in 2013 and initially worked for several restaurants. Furthermore, to boost his Culinary career, he made an Instagram account, shared pictures of his dishes, and offered Catering services to residents.

But he got his major success and fame when Santana Moss, a famous footballer, invited him to Cook for his family.

After initial recognition, Tobias made an appearance on Guy Fieri’s programme Guy’s Grocery Games. He gained international recognition as an excellent chef as a result of the show’s display of his great talents. Additionally, Tobias made appearances on several well-known cooking programmes, including Iron Chef and Food Network and Tournaments of Champions 2022.

Later, he continued to work as a celebrity chef; he expanded his business to a food truck named Victory Truck in November 2017.Additionally, he also worked for several restaurants including Curated Dinners at the James Beard House. 

He is the owner of the upscale restaurant Huncho House. He is also an executive chef of Thirteen, a Houston-based fine dining restaurant. Additionally, Tobias is a partner in the restaurant Fresh Green. 

Tobias Dorzon Wife And Children

Tobias is a married man and has two kids. Tobias Dorzon’s wife’s name is still unknown. Riley McKenzie Dorzon is the oldest of his two daughters, while Torienne Dorzon is the youngest. When Tobias was 21 years old, he had his first daughter.

Tobias Dorzon Body Measurements

Tobias Dorzon is 173 centimetres tall, or 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs around 89 kilograms, or 197 pounds.

Tobias Dorzon Net Worth

Tobias Dorzon was an athlete and now working as a chef; he is a restaurant owner and a famous T.v personality.

He has different streams of income with an estimated net worth of $1.5million.

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