How did Jason Wright Fit To Fat To Fit  Die? Age, Death Cause, Family

Jason Wright was a local resident of Atlanta, Georgia, who had participated in the first season of the A&E show Fit to Fat to Fit with the aim of losing extra weight.

He participated in that show in 2016 with his companion Johnny Collins. Wright and his partner Johnny Collins had a close bond,Johnny is also a minister’s child. Johnny had appeared on national television with Jason Wright to lose weight.

Jason applied for this show in 2014; moreover, he has worked with mentor Tramell Smith; in 2014, Jason Wright weighed around 312 pounds during his first extended period of preparation. Despite this, he had figured out how to lose further weight and was soon able to reduce his weight to 249 pounds.

While, When Johnny Collins started his preparation, he weighed 308 pounds. He then dropped to 240 pounds, and the two of them set a similar goal of 220 pounds by the end of the show.

Jason Wright Sudden Death Cause

Jason Wright told people about his weight loss journey in the March 15 episode of Fit to Fat to Fit and has inspired many people and motivated them to lessen their Extra weight.

Unfortunately, Jason Wright died in a sudden vehicle incident on May 1, 2016.

His sudden death news spread like a storm on the internet, and many searched for the reason for his sudden death on the web.

Jason Wright Siblings And Friends

According to his homage, he had one brother named Joe Morris and a sister named Janet Peppers and Julie Burkhalter among his loved ones.

His sudden death shocked his family members and his closest companions.

According to his friends, he has just started to enjoy his life after an incredible weight loss; he has started to appreciate his life and motivate others to lessen their extra weight.

Jason Wright Age

Jason Wright was born on December 13, 1973, and was a local of Atlanta. He died suddenly on May 1, 2016, in a vehicle incident at the age of 42.

Jason Wright Social Media Account

Jason Wright’s information is not available on Wikipedia, and also he is not on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platforms.

While Johnny Collins had 1.3k followers on Facebook, yet he isn’t really active on it.

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