Cristian Salas – Marco Antonio Solís Wife, Biography, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Cristian Salas is an entrepreneur, model, businesswoman, and CEO of Active Sportswear based in the United States of America. She is also well known for being the wife of famous musician Marco Antonio.

Marco Antonio Solís is a Mexican musician, singer, composer and  everyone is familiar with him, but only a few know about his wife.

In the article, we have compiled complete information about her wife, Cristian Salas’s age, Biography, net worth, and many other things you need to know.

Cristian Salas Biography

Cristian Salas was born on 24 February 1980; as of 2022, she is 42 years old. Cristian was born and raised in the United States but also held Cuban nationality.

She is a businesswoman and CEO of  Sales Activewear, a ladie’s sportswear brand.

Cristian Salas prefers to remain out of media headlines and doesn’t share much about her private life; she doesn’t have any bio details on the official page of Wikipedia. 

Cristian Salas and Marco Antonio Solís Relationship

Cristian and Marco first met in the 1990s while shooting a music video and fell in love with each other. Marco was previously married to Beatriz, but their marriage didn’t last long, and they soon parted their ways.

Moreover, Cristian and Marco remained in a relationship for quite a time and later exchanged their vows in 1993. They have been blissfully married for 29 years now.

Marco Antonio Solis- Short Biography

Marco Antonio Solís Sosa was born on December 29 ,1959.  Marco was born and raised in Ario de Rosales, Michoacan and began his music career at the young age of six by performing part of Los Hermanitos Solís. He co-founded Los Bukis in 1975, where he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. After nearly two decades of success, the band disbanded, and Marco Solís pursued a  solo career and released his first solo album En Pleno Vuelo, in 1996 with  Fonovisa Records.

Sols has five Latin Grammys, two Lo Nuestro Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and is a part of the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame.

Cristian Salas Children With Macro Antonio Solis

Marco Antonio Solís and Cristian Salas welcomed two lovely daughters, Alison Solís and Marla Soli. Marco also has a daughter from his ex-wife, Beatriz Adriana Solis, and they had a son, who was unfortunately kidnapped and killed by the kidnapper.

Cristian Salas Net Worth

She is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and CEO of a Sportswear brand and has made a lot of money throughout her career. However, because she never discloses her actual net worth, it’s difficult to say how much she has.

While According to sources, her husband’s Marco Antonio net worth is estimated to be around $10  million.

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