Who Is Bill Plaschke? Everything You Need To Know

Paul Plaschke, famously known as Bill Plaschke, is an American sports journalist. Bill Plaschke has covered everything from college football to the Olympics.


Bill Plaschke Biography 

Bill Plaschke is an American journalist who has been writing for the Los Angeles Times since 1996 and was given his column Los Angeles Times.

Bill Plaschke has been named National Sports columnist Of the Year eight times by the Associated Press and two times by the Society Of Professional Journalists and National Headliner Awards.

Plaschke is also a panelist on the daily talk show “Around The Horn” at ESPN.

Furthermore, Bill Plaschke is also a writer; he is the author of five books: namely, No More Mr. Nice Guy: A life of Hardball(1990), Hard Knox: The Life Of An NFL Coach (1988), American Victory: Wrestling, Dreams, and a Journey Toward Home(2009), I live For This! Baseball’s Last True Believer (2007), and Paradise Found: A High School Football Teams, Rise From The Ashes (2021).

He has also earned many social awards due to his contribution to the community, including the “Pursuit For Justice Award ” for covering women’s sports and the “Man Of The Year Award” by Los Angeles Big Brother and Big Sister.


Movies of Bill Plaschke:

He has also worked in movies including “Ali” -a dramatic HBO series; in this movie, he worked as a sports reporter, he also acted in the Movie” Luck.”


Bill Plaschke Age And Height:

Bill Plaschke was born on September 6, 1958, in Louisville, Kentucky, and as of 2022, he is 63 years old. He has a height of 5ft 9inches (1.7m).


Bill Plaschke Family:

Bill Plaschke Family

Bill Plaschke is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His mother’s name is Mary Margaret, while her father’s name and his siblings’ information are unknown. Bill had a close bond with his mother; his mother cheers him up, and they enjoy great company. On Mother’s Day in 2008, he wished his mother and attributed her to being his first reader and editor.

She was my first reader, my first editor, my first publisher, and my biggest fan, and six decades and six books later, she was still cheering. 


Bill Plaschke Early Life:

Born and raised in Louisville, Bill attended his early education at St. Albert The Great Elementary School and later attended Ballard High School. He spent his freshman years at Baylor’s University in Waco, Texas. In 1980 he received a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where he was also working as a sports editor for the school paper the Alestle.


Bill Plaschke Wife

Bill Plaschke Wife

Bill is very seclusion about his personal life and hasn’t shared any information regarding his father, siblings, his wife, or his past dating history. He hasn’t shared any information about having married or dating anyone.


Daughter Of Bill Plaschke 

Bill Plaschke has a beautiful daughter named Tessa Plaschke.


Bill Plaschke Net Worth:

Bill Plaschke is a famous and well-known sports journalist with an estimated net worth of over $1.7m as of 2022. This net worth includes his Assets, Money, and Income.


Bill Plaschke COVID:

Back at the end of July, Bill tested COVID -19 positive.

In an interview, he shares how covid has badly affected his life and had become a nightmare; he also said that he is experiencing hallucinatory dreams and coughing, and” his head was on fire.”He further added and expressed his feeling about how difficult it has become for him to stay away from his loved ones. 

Luckily after quarantine, he tested again for COVID, and it came out negative.


Bill Plaschke Twitter

He has a Twitter account named Bill Plaschke, with 170.8k followers as of 2022.


Bill Plaschke Lakers

Bill Plaschke is a straightforward sports journalist, and his new column, which he posted on August 18, 2022, is going viral, and everyone is reacting differently to it.

Recently LeBron James agreed to a two-year contract with the Lakers, worth $97.1 million, which also includes a player option for the season of 2024-2025.

But Bill Plaschke didn’t feel it was the right move, he wrote in his column. 

Two more guaranteed years of LeBron James?

Two more guaranteed years of embarrassing Laker’s mediocrity.

He feels this isn’t the right move for an organization to hire LeBron James. He further wrote 

An organization needing a massive rebuild just signed up for a flashy rerun. A franchise lacking in youth and depth just tied its fortunes to a guy who will play his final guaranteed season at age 39,” … A team that needs to build for the future remains stuck in the past, forgoing substance for sizzle, clinging to an aging star even as the sky is falling around them.

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