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Our daily dose of entertainment Tik Tok, this chart-topping social media app popularity, is not a joke; we all have witnessed its popularity and how Tik Tok stars are earning millions of dollars through this app.

Talking about popularity and earning from Tik Tok, let’s talk about Charlie D’Amelio.

She is the first person to ace in Tik Tok and the first to hold a record of having 50 million followers and 100 million followers a year. She is the second most followed person on Tik Tok with 145.1 million followers as of 2022.


A Multimillionaire In Under A Year.

Charlie D’Amelio, a tik to sensation and a dancer, joined Tik Tok back in 2019 and gained popularity overnight. Charlie has a net worth of approx $ 20 million with the title of Second Most Followed Person on TikTok.


Her First Viral Video:

In 2019 she was just an average person posting her dance videos online. Her first ever viral video was a duet with the user name “Move_With_ Joy.” In that video, Charlie does some easy-to-learn dance choreography. This video of her drove public attention and gave Charli D’Amelio rapid success overnight, and within five months after her viral video, her followers count increased from a few to 5 million.


Followers Count:

Back in 2019, she started with a few to 5 million followers; since then, she hasn’t looked back. On Aug 2019, she had 50 million followers; in April 2020, she had 123.6million followers, and currently, she has 145.1 million followers. Along with TikTok, she also enjoys a massive fan following from the other social media handle. She has 49.1 million Instagram followers and over a 9.6million YouTube subscribers.


Charlie D’Amelio sponsored Post Charges. 

With all that massive influence and following, she charges a minimum of $100,000 for a sponsored post according to celebrity Net Worth. And this amount can go high depending on the brand.


Charli D’amelio Boyfriend:

charli d'amelio landon barker

Charli D’amelio is currently dating Landon Barker and they got spotted together in June 2022


Brand’s Collaboration:

Due to her influence among people, especially teenagers, she is able to inlead deals with many famous brands, including Yoplait, Invisalign, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon, Morphe Cosmetics, and many others.

Her fame was not only good for her but also beneficial for companies. After collaborating with her, companies have witnessed sales increase. According to CNN, ALGN ( Technology INC) company of Invisalign’s clear aligners saw 26% of sales increases among teenagers.


Dunkin Donuts

She has also collaborated with Dunkin Donuts; in the beginning, she didn’t get paid at first to do it and had no other motive to brag about her favorite Cold Brew Coffee of Dunkin Donuts, which she would buy every day. When Dunkin Donuts noticed her and her love for their coffee, they named their drink “The Charlie” with her approval, and soon Charlie told this about her followers and promoted it; it became best selling menu item.

Later, Dunkin created a remix version of “The Charlie Cold Fox,” and it became much more popular. The Charlie x Dunkin merch collection was released in March 2021 as a result of this successful collaboration with Dunkin Donuts.


Morphe Cosmetics:

In July 2021, Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie announced a partnership with the famous brand Morphe Cosmetics.

In an Interview with Allure, Charlie said that.

“With Morphe, we are working together to show that you’re beautiful with or without makeup. “

This partnership became a massive success, and in May 2021, Charlie and Dixie dropped another collection with Morphe -2; this sub-brand includes six main types of products.


Lightricks :

Charlie, along with her family, collaborated with lightsticks; lightricks is a company responsible for popular photo and video editing apps, face tunes, and video apps.

Good for those people who aren’t much tech savvy and want to make cool videos.


Orosa Beauty:

Charlie and her sister Dixie have also collaborated with Orosa Beauty -Nail Polish Collection; they first dropped their collection in 2021, and thanks to D’Amelio’s devoted followers for loving this collaboration, they dropped their second limited collection called Coastal Craze In Dec 2021.


Outshine Talent Management:

She signed a contract with Outshine Talent management company in 2009.

By participating in a Sabra Hummus Commercial that aired during the year 2020 Super Bowl, Charlie landed a significant deal; Charlie received $ 1 million for her few seconds appearance in this Ad.

She also got a chance to dance with Jennifer Lopez in a TikTok challenge celebrating a singer’s halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl. 


Building Her Empire:

Besides collaborating with many popular brands, she is also investing her money.

She made a successful investment with “Just Mobile Direct,” it is a ring light manufacturing company, and Charlie will earn through it on a percentage basis. Whenever a person buys a ring light, she will earn a percentage on each sale.

A ring light is a must needed for making TikTok and other videos; it’s a must-have product for creators.

Furthermore, she also invested in “App Step Mobile” this app provides families and teens with financial tolls to promote financial literacy.


Movies Debut:

She made her first movie debut in December 2019 in the animated children’s movies Star Dog and Turbo Cat.



She had launched her own show, “The D’Amelio Show,” along with her family on HULU.

She also launched a podcast in October 2020 called Charlie and Dixie.

She says people can get to know more about her and her lifestyle.


Her Own Brand 

In addition to working with high-end brands, charlie D’Amelio and her sister Dixie launched a clothing brand called “The Social Tourist.” Additionally, she has also launched her own fragrance line, “Born Dreamer.”


Despite now working with popular brands, she hadn’t forgotten the behavior of some brands that underestimated her when she was just starting.


D’Amelio said, “Still to this day, there are companies and brands that I’ll never work with because of the initial reaction; when they thought that I was just going to be that same person forever. I’ve been able to find companies that respect me and respect what I do, and appreciate what I do. I would so much rather work with those people that not only respect me as a creator but also respect me as a human. And I’m a lot happier working with brands like that.” Forbes


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