Who Is Alejandra Fernández? Net Worth 2023, Husband, Biography, Early Life

Alejandra Fernandez is a Mexican businesswoman and the daughter of famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez; she is currently working as a designer and has an estimated net worth of $100K.

Vicente Fernandez has four children, three sons and one daughter, all his sons are famous and are in the spotlight, but his daughter Alejandra Fernenedez tends to keep out of the media and only becomes visible to the camera and spotlight when Vicente Fernandez becomes ill in 2020. 

Who Is Alejandra Fernández?

Alejandra Fernandez, the only child of Vicente Fernandez, was born and raised in Mexico. She is an exceptional model and designer. Alejandra Fernandez is successful in her field. She is now designing elegant and luxurious handbags and apparel for a renowned Mexican brand. Her freelance illustration clients include WePresent, Compound Butter Mag, The New York Times, and others. Various awards for her artwork have also been given to her, including two Society of Illustrators Student Competitions in 2016 and 2017.

Alejandra Fernández Biography:

Born in 1984 and as of 2023, she is 39 years old; Aljendra Fernandez was born and raised in Mexico; she is a successful model and the only daughter and the youngest child of Vicente Fernandez. However, she isn’t his biological daughter; she was adopted from Gloria, who happens to be Vicente’s sister in Law; he adopted her because he has no daughters. Vicente Fernandez adopted her when she was just 40 days old, but she wasn’t aware of the adoption until she was old enough to understand it. 

Alejandra Fernández Family:

Alejandra Fernandez was raised in a loving home and caring family; her father is Vicente Fernandez, famously known as “King of the Ranchera Song,” and her mother’s name is  Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor . Alejandra Fernandez grew up along with his three brothers, namely Gerardo Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez, and Vicente Fernandez; all his brothers are famous and well-known personalities.

Early Life

As she tries to keep herself away from the public eye and spotlight, there is not much information about her high school, education, or early life. However, she was born and brought

up in Mexico and completed high school there, then went on to complete her graduation in fashion design.

This brave woman works hard to be successful in her field of study because she is the only one from her family that doesn’t obtain music as her career. She desired to be independent and stand on her own.

A Never Ending Love

There was a hard time for Vicente Fernandez when her beloved daughter was taken away from her. Alejandra’s birth mother, Gloria, once demanded her child to return. Alejandra was between the ages of four and five at the time, and she was not aware of adoption. There was nothing Vicente and his wife could do but send her to her mother. 

But this separation of Vicente and Aljendra couldn’t last long because Vicente was brought on by his extreme sadness and depression over the loss of his daughter. 

Vincent got very ill, so her sister in Law had no choice but to return Alejandra back to him to cure him of illness, and since then, they both are inseparable until Vicente Fernandez’s unfortunate death.

Rose Into Spotlight

Alejandra Fernandez rose into the spotlight when her father, Vicente Fernandez, was in critical health condition and was admitted to the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on August 6, 2021, when he fell at his ranch outside Guadalajara, Mexico. However, unfortunately, he lost his life battle and passed away on 12 December 2021 at the age of 81 years old.

Alejandra Fernendez Biological Father

Although Gloria Abarca Villasenor, Dona Cuquita’s sister, and Vicente Fernandez’s wife, is Alejandra’s birth mother, her biological father’s identity is unknown. It hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Alejandra Fernandez Husband

Alejandra Fernandez was married to pianist Jose Luis Altamirona, but the couple parted their ways after two years of marriage. The couple doesn’t have any children together, and the cause of the divorce is not shared publicly. Although they did make an announcement of their divorce and confirmed it in 2014, the audience was taken aback by the divorce announcement.

Is she again single? This question has come up numerous times since her divorce, but because she is a private person, there is no information about her getting married or dating again, and she hasn’t been publicly spotted with anybody, so there’s a higher chance that she is still single.

Assets Of Aljendra Fernendez

She is currently working as a designer with top brands in Mexico and has designed many clothes and luxury bags. Although she is a reserved person, she has never revealed her net worth or boasted about her opulent lifestyle. However, she unquestionably has a net worth of thousands of dollars because she is a successful designer.


Alejandra Fernandez is a favorite and lovely child of Vicente Fernandez; Despite the fact that she was adopted, he gave her more attention than his own biological children. They are bonded in an unbreakable and beloved way. Alejandra Fernandez first gained attention when her father was ill, but since his passing not long ago, she hasn’t been seen publicly.

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