Who is Akaash Singh Wife? Wedding, Age, Wikipedia, Podcast

Akaash Singh is an American comedian and podcaster; he recently appeared on a Joe’s Rogan podcast, so listeners are interested to know about the comedian, his age, his life, and about his wife, Jasleen.

On a podcast, Alaash Singh and Joe’s Rogans mock child sexual abuse; in this podcast, Akaash, and joe Ragon also discussed and talked about his struggle of developing their own style of comedy; they also discussed the representation of marginalized groups in USA media.

This podcast caught user’s attention, and they are giving mixed reactions to this; some praise this comedy duo while others criticize them for making fun of such a sensitive topic.  

User’s now want to discover more about the comedian’s life, dating history, and lifestyle thanks to these controversial podcasts.

Who is Akaash Singh?

Akaash Singh was born on 4 May 1984 in Dallas, Texas, and as of 2022, he is 38 years old. Akaash Singh is a Hindu of Indian ethnicity, which is reflected in his works. His comedy revolves around cultural and upbringing differences, which makes him stand out among others.

Akaash started his career as a Stand-up Comedian when he was in his freshman year, where he performed his first open mic in Denton, Texas.

He’s best known for his hosting of The Flagrant 2 podcast with Andrew Schulz.

He was also featured in five episodes of the comedy show wild n out from 2014-2015.

He also appeared in HBO’s left over and as a cast member of MTV’s Guy Code season 5. 

His latest project is a self-released comedy, Bring Back Apu, on YouTube in February 2022.

Akaash Singh Wife:

Akaash and his wife Jasleen first met at the Hoboken comedy festival in New York City in 2015. Jasleen didn’t know him at first and came to know about him through her sister, who was a fan of the Brilliant Idiots Podcast.

Akaash, after the comedy show chased her down, pursued her, she also thought that Akaash was cute, and they started dating despite the fact that they had to save themselves for marriage. 

Jasleen grew up in Sikh ethnicity, and she revealed on a whoreible Decisions podcast that during the pair’s upbringing, they aimed to save themselves for marriage, but they failed to do so 

In an Instagram post, Akaash wrote:

‘Four years ago today, I chased this girl down after a comedy show because she looked like she might be Indian, and she had that – a rarity for our peoples. Fast forward to today, and she’s gonna be my wife. Moral of the story is: Give street harassment a chance “. 

At the time of the proposal, Jasleen was working in marketing analytics, she was born on 16 August 1993, and as of 2022, she is 29 years old.

They both continued to date together, and after four years of dating, Akaash chose the New York site, Empire State Building to propose to her for marriage.

Pandemic: Coronavirus Delayed Their Wedding.

The duo was all set to marry, but unluckily, just a few months after the proposal, a coronavirus pandemic hit, and they had to delay their wedding ritual.

Their wish finally got completed after the pandemic ended, and the couple married in July 2022 in New Jersey; their wedding was of traditional Indian wedding style. 

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