Where is Jason Worley Now? A Famous Reddit story, Wife and more…

“Every child deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a child.”

On November 17, 2016, authorities of Indiana received a disturbing and shocking phone call from Brandi Wolley where she confronted that she had stabbed her two children named, Tyler and Charlee, ages 7 and 3 years, and later on stabbed herself too. Brandi Worley was the wife of Jason Worley.


Reddit Story That Went Viral 

On Friday, October 18th,2016, Jason Worley wrote on relationship advice on the subreddit by a user name Jason and hell. 

I caught my wife cheating on me over a year ago, I stayed with her for the sake of children, but I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind since.”

He wrote a lengthy post on Reddit describing how, over a year ago, he found his wife was cheating on and having an affair with his neighbor. His neighbor was a construction worker. And even after confronting his wife, they didn’t stop and continued to be in a relationship.


Jason Worley 

Where is Jason Worley Now?

Jason Worley was born in 1986; as of 2022, he is 33 years old. He is a software engineer and married in 2009 to Brandi.

They both had two children together named Tyler and Charlee. Tyler was born in 2009, and Charlee was born in 2013. Jason with his family lived a happy life in Darlington, Indiana.


Affair Of His Wife

They were living a happy life until 2015; Jason’s whole world shattered in front of his eyes when he found out that his wife was having an affair with a neighbor.

Her wife was showing odd behavior, which made Jason suspicious. She put her phone away as soon as Jason reached the room, she would smile at her phone, but upon asking by Jason to whom she was talking, she replied nobody. 

She had also set up a password; his wife’s uncommon behavior made Jason suspicious.  One day  Jason checked her phone before it was locked when she was taking a shower and found out she was texting his neighbor and having an affair with him.

After that, he collected much proof of her wife’s cheating and confronted her; they both decided to part ways temporarily, but Jason begged her to continue the relationship because his children were suffering, and it was affecting their mental health. 


Asking For Reddit Help.

Jason, upon finding that they continue to have an affair besides confronting that with her wife before, he again asked Reddit users what to do. 

Because Jason could not leave her because if he did, he might lose custody of his children.

Many advise him to find a good lawyer and get out of a toxic relationship because a dysfunctional family is worse than a divorced family.

Additionally, his wife’s proven infidelity would help him win custody of his children. 

On November 1st Jason last updated a Reddit user that he would meet with an attorney and file for a divorce.


November 17, 2016.

Tragic news made in Indiana headlines that a woman killed her two children after her husband asked for a divorce. The woman brutally stabbed her two children and tried to take her life while her husband was sleeping in the basement.

When this news made it into the headlines, many Reddit users started to connect the dots and found out that Reddit user Jason and hell was actually Jason Worley. And from where Jason’s story becomes famous. 


A Day Before Divorce:

jason worley wife

When Brandi found out that Jason would give her a divorce and she might lose custody of her kids, she decided to silence her kids forever.

On November 16, the family attended Charlie’s dance recital together; when they came home, Brandi told the family that she needed to go to Walmart to pick up some materials for Tyler’s school project.

But she bought a combat knife instead.

And at night,  Charlee and Tyler went to sleep in their respective rooms, and Jason went to sleep in a basement. But in the middle of the night, Brandi woke Tyler and told him that they were having a sleepover in her sister’s room.

She stabbed her son to death first, later stabbed her daughter, and then stabbed herself multiple times. 


Confronting Her Crime.

After stabbing her own children, Brandi first called her mother and told her what she did; her mother said she was arriving at her place as soon as possible.

After calling her mother, Brandi called the police and told them what she had done.

After some time, Jason’s mother-in-law arrived and found that Brandi, with her two children, was covered in blood; she started screaming and crying loudly. Due to her screaming, Jason arrives at a scene and sees how her life falls apart within a night.

When Jason went upstairs, she found Brady’s mother crying, and her wife was sitting stoically on the couch. When Jason asked what happened, she said

Now, you can’t take children from me.”


Emergency services Arrived.

Emergency services arrived, but now they couldn’t do anything because the children were already dead; they took Brandi to the hospital because she was still breathing.

Although Brady stabbed her multiple times, she recovered from the wounds quickly and was discharged from the hospital.

After medical treatments, Brady was arrested by the police and was charged with two counts of felony murder.

Brandi initially was not pleaded guilty and planned to claim that she was legally insane. However, upon further investigation, she confronted and eventually charged her plea to guilty.



jason worley

On March 28, she was sentenced to 120 years in prison for the murder of her two innocent children,65 years for murdering his, and 55 years for murdering her own daughter. 

During the sentencing hearing, the judge said.

Sometimes there’s no explanation, darkness is in the world, and it penetrates minds and our hearts.”

Till today Brandi is still imprisoned at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis

Jason Worley, in June 2018, returned to Reddit after three months of her wife’s imprisonment and told the users how he was feeling. He said that he turned towards alcohol, felt alone and depressed, and even contemplated his life after his children died. He adds that he is coping with the grief of his loved ones with the help of his family and friends. Jason later deleted his name Jason and hell from Reddit because every media outlet was highlighting his previous post. 


Where is Jason Worley Now?

After this forlorn incident in which her ex-wife killed her two innocent children, Jason chose to remain out of the spotlight.

In spite of that, we have found Jason’s LinkedIn profile; according to his profile, he is currently working as a Development Manager at stratus, for five years.


Jason Worley’s New Wife

Jason married Brandi in 2009, and they had two children together. And after his wife’s terrible act of killing her own children, Jason decided to prevent himself from public attention.in Jason’s last assertion, he wished to never see Brandi again in the future, and that’s what he is really focused on at that point.

Jason has since moved on, and some sources claim that he has begun a new life with a new spouse and a family.

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