Keith Randulich: A killer Or A Protector?

In Illinois, a younger brother killed her little sister to save her. Keith Randulich was only 18 years old when he committed the heinous and horrific act of killing his four years old sister.

Keith Randulich is currently aged 30 or 31 years old as of 2022. When he was 18, he stabbed her sister to death. The bio of Keith Randulich’s wrongdoings is noted all over the Internet but not on Wikipedia.


Keith Randulich And His Inexplicable Act:

Keith Randulich, born on 16 April 1991, lived in Makina, Illinois with his mother, stepfather, two younger brothers aged 14 and 16, and had a four-year-old little step-sister named Sabrina Clement.

On 22 May 2009, his mother and father went out to a school dance event with his 14-year-old younger brother, and Sabrina was left with Keith and another brother.

After their parents left, Keith ended up taking her little sister to a basement bedroom while his younger brother was upstairs in a room playing video games.

Sabrina followed her older brother without knowing what heinous thing would happen to her. 

Sabrina asked Keith if she wanted to paint with him, to which Keith replied he would, but first, she had to lay down on the floor; the little girl followed her brother’s command, and as soon as she lay down, Keith Randulich kneels down, took a five inches steak knife from his pocket and stabbed her to death.


Who Is Keith Randulich? Everything You Need To Know.

Keith Randulich

Keith Randulich was studying at Lincoln -way East High School and was an excellent student, he was well-behaved, and nothing was unusual about him.  But according to some of his classmates, he didn’t have a lot of friends, and he tended to keep himself to himself.


Why Did Keith Randulich Kill His Sister Sabrina Clement? 

Keith Randulich stabbed her little sister to death because he wanted to protect her.

As per a video shared by Us Explorer with Us, he believed that her younger sister was physically or mentally abused by one of his family members and he wanted to protect her. He said that he killed his sister instead of an abuser because he couldn’t kill him, so he killed her little sister because he didn’t want her little sister to suffer from the abuse anymore.

He thinks that he chooses the easiest way to kill his sister.

Although some internet users said that he might be envious of how much his parents love her little sister. 


Where Is Keith Randulich Now?

Keith Randulich is now serving a sentence in prison after stabbing her little sister.

In 2011 he was sentenced to 40 years in jail for killing a little child. This implies that he will be released from jail in the year 2051.

Sabrina Clement Family:

After Sabrina’s death, her family tended to remain out of the spotlight after her own son was found guilty Killing of his own little sister. 

On 22 May, they were out to attend a dance event, and Sabrina was left with Keith and with one other brother. 


Confession Of Keith.

Keith was well aware of what he did; in fact, he himself called 911 and said to come over because he had killed her younger sister.

And when the cops arrived at home, Keith was covered in blood.

The Assistant State’s Attorney, Mike Fitzgerald, admitted that Sabrina had many large wounds from a knife to her neck.


Evidence Of Abuse:

According to Keith, he stabbed her little sister to death because he wanted to protect her from the abuser but according to :

Mokena cops Sgt. Jason Louthan 

There was no proof of “physical mistreatment” of Clement was uncovered. Randulich had a mental-health assessment after the murder, but the findings were never given to prosecutors, according to a state’s attorney spokesperson.


Some Interesting Facts About this incident:

1. Before stabbing her death, Keith asked her mother earlier that day to buy a gun from his high school graduation money, his high school graduation was only a few weeks away, to which her mother said no. 

2. After her parents left to attend a dance event with one of Keith’s brothers, Sabrina was left with two of them, and Keith’s younger brother was actually in charge of taking care of Sabrina.

3. After their parents left Keith washed some dishes in the kitchen and tucked five inches stacked knife into his pocket.

When their parents left, Sabrina was with his older brother sitting in the living room watching TV. Keith then entered the living room and said why don’t you let me watch her. The younger brother hands over the responsibility of Sabrina to Keith and goes into the room to play video games.

4. After that, Keith and Sabrina went down to the basement bedroom and started watching SpongeBob SquarePants first.

After some time, Sabrina told Keith that she wanted to paint with him to which he agreed but said you have to lay down first. After she lay down, he took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed her.


Police Investigation:

In a police investigation, Keith said that he loved her little sister. When I pulled out the knife she smiled at me but when I made a little cut on her neck she screamed to stop. 

After a little cut, Keith knew that there wasn’t turning back, thus continuing to cut her neck. 

Keith believed that it was easy to stab her but it wasn’t and her little sister was in much pain.

He said that while cutting her neck his little sister asked him why are you murdering me. 

After murdering her he himself called 911. “I — get over here immediately,” Keith said to the cops. 

After calling the cops, he went back to the basement where Sabrina was dead and kissed her and apologized to her. 

Upon further asking by investigators why he would do such a horrific thing, he said that he wasn’t proud and he had a future. He said that if he could go back in time, he would obtain a job and buy a gun and shoot that relative.

He further added that Sabrina and I were very close and I love and adore her the most.

In the end, he said that he wanted to get out of prison as soon as possible. 

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  1. He seems ti be tellubgvghectruth. Too much effirtcto covercup whiever he was referring to as abuser and itvus unthinkabke that his psichiatric report never nade it to the prosecutors.

    Someone was covering something up and his murder served to close a case that needed further investigation.

    The court was not intent in any truth beyond who killed.

    What really went on was covered up and silenced.

    This is a shame as it is possible that we hat two victims. This boy seems to gave witnessed the intolerable, repeated abuse of his little sister.

    This is much too common for anyone to dismiss it like they did, unless they want to cover up a perpetrator.

    It is very common for courts to cover up the real wrongdoers (…) and to instead accuse and punish those that somehow or another try to remedy the situation with their limited options.

    We can with this, only conclude that the court did not investigate the entire situation and closed the case at- ‘someone to sentence’.

    This sort of approach allows for and promotes much injustice.


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