Saruei VTuber Face Reveal? Age, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth, Parents, Channels

Moniker Saruei, commonly termed as Art Streamer, a VTuber in a Twitch community, has an Energetic, loving and mysterious personality.

The fascinating thing about her is that she covers her stories with the mystery behind her digital art and interacts with her followers through illustration.

Saruei doesn’t prefer to show her real face and showcases herself in the form of animated pictures.

A few days back, she announced her face reveal, so let’s have a look at Saruei’s face Reveal and her real name and ethnicity.

Saruei Face Reveal

Saruei is a famous VTuber and holds an important place among other Twitch VTubers. Unlike others, she used to tell stories with a deeper meaning or message with her unique symbolic art and illustration style.

Has Saruei Done Her Face Reveal?

Saruei hasn’t revealed her face yet, but she has revealed her foot.

It seems like many other influencers who used to hide their faces until they didn’t hit a million or any specific target tend to hide their face, and the same trend Saruei might be following.

Saruei Got Banned For Sharing Sexual -Suggestive Illustration.

Art Streamer Saruei received a three days ban from Twitch for sharing a sexually -Suggestive Illustration of Bremerton from Azur Lane.

Saruei shares her opinion on this ban and finds it ironic by saying that other streamers can broadcast the whole game, and she even can’t draw them.

Saruei VTuber Real Name

Saruei’s real name is Rael, and she belongs to French. She got famous through her digital artworks and is often referred to as Art Streamer. On Twitch and other social media platforms, she uses the Name Moniker Saruei.

Saruei VTuber Parents

Saruei is a very private person, and to date, despite having a huge fan following on Twitch, she hasn’t revealed her face. There is no information shared by her or present on the web regarding her parents, siblings or about his education.

Saruei VTuber Age

She was born on April 18, but her birth year is not known yet. 

Saruei VTuber Channels

Saruei streams a variety of video games on her Twitch channel, including Dark Souls II, Black Mesa, Prey, and many others. Her Twitch channel currently has more than 354k Followers. 

She also has a YouTube account where she frequently posts highlights from Twitch streams and posts reaction videos. The channel was able to attract more than 192k subscribers with 55 videos. 

Saruei VTuber Twitch Account Debut

Saruei launched her Twitch channel a few years back; on this channel, she drew anime and video game characters and did art streams. 

She has achieved popularity on the platform after regularly broadcasting for several hours. However, she wants to make a change and start streaming online.

She re-debuted on Twitch and made her Vtuber debut on August 7, 2021. She already had 125k followers on Twitch when she made her comeback. 

By the end of 2021, she had amassed more than 250k followers on the streaming platform and on 4 February 2022 , she had 300 k followers on Twitch and now she had more than 350K followers; she also had her YouTube channel from where she is getting much success and fame.

Saruei Net Worth

Saruei net worth is estimated to be around $89,936 per year

Saruei is earning a handsome amount; from different income streams. Before making her re-debut, she had signed up for Twitter for her twitch channel before becoming VTuber; she also has a massive following on Instagram and YouTube as well. 

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