Osbrink Parents – A Murder-Suicide Case

On May 19th, 2021, Ryan Osbrink and Heather Osbrink were found dead in an apartment, leaving behind their two beautiful daughters. 

And below is everything you need to know about Kayler Osbrink’s parents.

Osbrink Parents

Corona Couple Found Dead In An Apartment:

Ryan and Heather were found shot to death in their apartment in Corona, California, 1300 block of Stein Way.

Their death is caused to believe to be a murder-suicide from self-inflicted gunshots.

Everything to know About Kaylee Obsrink Parents. 

Ryan was the owner/Operator of the Chick-Fil-A franchise in Ontario, California, and he had some managerial, marketing, and directorial experience, according to his LinkedIn profile that we have found. 

Ryan Osbrink’s death cause is revealed to be a self-inflicted shot; what happened was that the corona cops were trying to contact Ryan, but they failed to get in touch with him; this failure made the police suspicious and have some bad doubts about him.

The police officers then contacted the SWAT team, who went to his house.

And after proceeding, they found two dead bodies in Osbrink’s house.

Age Of Ryan and Heather. 

Heather Osbrink was 48 years old when she was shot to death, while her husband, Ryan Osbrink, was 41 years old who died with her. 

Cause Of Dead

Police officers discovered that Ryan Osbrink’s death was caused by a gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted. However, Heather, his wife, died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The police have also suggested that because Ryan was only shot once and based on how he held the rifle, he killed his wife and shot himself.

From analyzing the incident by officials, the reason behind their death appears to be a misunderstanding or some problems between the couple. 

More about Ryan

Before serving as an operator in Chick -Fil -A Ryan established his own 1UP design studios and was the sole principal of the company and offered services like graphics and web multimedia designs and specialized in commercializing real estate. 

Before 1UP studios, he was the director of marketing design services for Grubb and Ellis, the world’s leading commercial real estate service.

Kaylee and her Osbrink Parents:

As per his wife’s Facebook profile, the Corona couple left behind two beautiful daughters, one of age 18 and the other of age 13, namely Kaylee and Kaitlyn.

Osbrink Parents

Kaylee is the oldest daughter, born in 2003; as of 2022, she is 19 years old. Both sisters are living together after their parent’s tragic and heartbroken death. 

 Kayle, the oldest daughter of the Obesrik family,  she is a multi-talented girl and is currently pursuing her career in acting after completing her high school education.

She is also a professional dancer and eventually began her career as a dancer. She loved to dance and performed a lot in high school competitions as a lead dancer.

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