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Ale gicqueau was born in the French city of Nice. He spent a considerable time of his life there along with his friends. Excellent, which is one of the most famous cities in France. Many people believe that he had a spark for his passion since his early education.  

Ale’s Education 

He belonged to a good family, which is why he attended one of the most famous and good schools of his time Lycée Massena. Ale didn’t need to struggle to reach his school; as a matter of fact, this school was in the same city, Nice.  

He completed his high school graduation from the same school in 1991, and after that, he had to move to Paris to get educated at a good university, which makes it clear that Ale was concerned about his education.  

There were numerous universities in Paris, but as mentioned above, Ale was concerned with his studies, so he picked Ecole Centrale Paris. Ecole Centrale Paris was one of the most prestigious universities in France, and it was known for its excellent acoustics, nanotechnology, and bio-sciences studies. Its claim to fame is its excellence in sciences and engineering.  

In 1996 Ale Gicqueau obtained his bachelor’s in engineering degree from the same university and was now ready to move on to his career.  


He started working in a software company to give his career a boost. Knowing that he worked in the same company for almost 13 years as a President, it is evident that Ale is a man with consistency.  

Throughout his career, he has worked for various major companies, Monaco and Clincapture. Slowly he has also discovered his counseling abilities.  

Ale Gicqueau is now a relationship counselor and a personal development coach. He was the former husband of Teal Swan, who is an author. Ale is also known as Vaillant Gicqueau because he runs a blog by the name of Vaillant, where he writes on various topics, including love, controlling your mind, and mental health.  

His counseling services are available online and offline, which is good because more people can benefit from his services. His sessions are paid, but you can find free-to-read content on his blog.  

Relationship with Tale Swan 

Ale was married to Teal Swan in 2016. Before Ale, Tale Swan was married to Mark Scott, but after she had met Ale, it was evident that she had started losing interest in him.  

Teal Swan is an author, and she attracted massive traffic on social media when she shared her past life experiences regarding her exposure to abuse and assault at the age of 6. In short, it said that when Teal was six years old, she was a victim of abuse and violence by one of her family members. Moreover, she is also a controversial spiritualist. She also focuses on topics like mental healthcare etc. But BBC and The Guardian have condemned her teachings as a trick to gain more followers. 

In 2019 Lebo Diseko criticized Teal Swan in the following words. 

“In one of her videos, Tale Swan suggests those who are feeling suicidal to seek medical help but keeps saying that in her experience, for some people, this may not help long term. Instead, Teal Swan says  that suicide can be identified as “our safety net or our reset button that’s always available to us.” She continues suggesting that seeing it this way allows people to set the idea aside and instead focus on what they can do to make things better in the present”. 

His Breakup 

Ale Gicqueau Breakup

It is said that after their marriage, the couple was like love birds. Ale started living in Alajuela, and he was also working at Swan’s spiritual retreat center. But sadly, every beginning has an end. Thus, this beautiful relationship also reached its demise in 2016. Still, Ale Gicqueau said that it didn’t end because of differences but because it was a mutual choice between the two individuals. Unlike other couples, this breakup wasn’t because of a lack of understanding or other differences. Everyone at the start was quite into making conspiracies regarding Ale’s life, but he soon cleared it in his blog.  

He writes in his blog. 

“Our breakup is difficult not because we stopped loving each other, but because we still love each other. However, we have understood that we have to take a different road. Whenever we fall in love, the beloved reflects the parts of us to develop. She showed me my light, potential, and love capacity. Now that my most magnificent mirror is fading, I am only left to actualize these quantities myself”. 

Reading this made his fans crystal clear that he was in deep love with Teal. But like he said, not every road allows you to take your partner with you, so eventually, they had to plan a separation for mutual benefit.  

He even claims that he is thankful to Tale Swan because she led him to a healthy life and made him become a better vegetarian. He lost 30 pounds and learned a lot more from his life. 

He further says in his blog. 

“Some years ago, when I fell in love with Teal. I was willing to give everything to spend just one day with her. My deepest wish was fulfilled, and I was granted one thousand and one days. Although, unlike Schahriar and Sheherazade, who sealed their union for perpetuity after one thousand and one night, We both are now separating and taking a different road. Destiny feels harsh when you are asked to leave the people you love”. 

This blog post cleared many doubts regarding their separation. Some thought they were separated because of some domestic violence issues because Teal had already been victimized. Other people were of different opinions and so on. But Ale, a man of honor, spoke and cleared out her former wife’s name. 

The personality spoke enough on this topic to clear any misconceptions in the audience’s mind. Currently, he is living a healthy life in Las Vegas doing his job, and so is Tale Swan.

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