Why do Amanda and Gina Dislike Michelle Knight?

Kidnapped for ten years, chained up and beaten most of the time, raped often and half-starved, this is the story of three girls named Amanda, Gina and Michelle.

Cleveland Abduction Case:-Ariel Castro Kidnappings

Ariel Castro abducted three girls to hell for over a decade. These horrific years of hell ended in 2013, almost nine years ago, thanks to a 911 phone call that saved their lives.

In 2002 Ariel Castro kidnapped Michelle, Amanda Berry and Georgina DeJesus “Gina” from the streets of Cleveland. These three girls were kept captive in his home at 2207 Seymour Avenue.

These three girls were imprisoned until 2013 when Amanda managed to escape from there successfully  with her six-year-old girl, who had been born to her when she was imprisoned. After a successful escape, she called the police and told them about everything; hours later, the police arrested Ariel and rescued Gina and Michelle.

Ariel Castro was sentenced to life imprisonment; he also pleaded guilty to 937 criminal counts of rape.

One month later, in jail, he committed suicide by hanging himself with bed sheets in his cell.

Why Do Amanda and Gina Dislike Michelle?

Michelle was one of the three women that were abductive; after being rescued from Cleveland, she expressed her vexation with Amanda Berry. In an interview with psychologist host Phil McGrawshe said, “I was The Most Hated One .She further claims that Ariel treated her badly because she had no one nor a family that loved her and looked for her.

 Castro used to tell her, ” That’s the reason why I hate you because I can abuse you, and no one would care for you.”

In an interview, Amanda and Gina reveal that they are no longer friends with Michelle and haven’t talked to her for years.

Gina said  :

” I think we did like each other at the beginning, but Ariel used to play mind games with three of them, so they had an absolute reason not to trust each other.”

She further added 

” Towards the end, me and Amanda started to talk and open up and become friends while Michelle and Amanda were struggling because Ariel was playing them against one another: so, I think they never get along well.”

Where are Amanda, Gina and Michelle now? 

These three women went missing in their teens. Berry and Gina are now 30, and Michelle Knight is now 38 years old.

After rescuing these women they are now doing their best in their lives, Amanda and Gina have done their high school diplomas, and Michelle changed her name to Lily Rose Lee. 

Furthermore, Gina has made a mission to look out and help other kidnapping victims; she joined Northeast Ohio Amber Alert Committee, whose work is to help communities to come together and look for any missing children.

Amanda has also served her life in helping other kidnapping victims, and she hosted Fox 8 Segments, which entirely focuses on locating missing people in the Northwest Ohio area. Amanda is also raising a beautiful daughter, and both Gina and Amanda wrote a memoir together titled Hope: A Memoir of Survival In Cleveland.

While Michelle, after changing her name, also wrote a memoir titled Life After Dark: Finding Healing And Happiness After The Cleveland Kidnapping, where she wrote her experience. She is also married to Miguel, whom she met through mutual friends on Facebook.

Michelle Knight Son.

Michelle had a son named Joey, two years of age, whose case was in custody court. She was fighting for the custody of his son when Ariel kidnaped her; her son then ended up in foster care. Later on, some family adopted him while he was just a toddler. Even after being rescued from the kidnapping, Michelle doesn’t have any relationship with his son as she thinks it’s better for him to stay with his adoptive family. 

Cleveland Abduction, Netflix Crime Documentary Drama – Based on True Story

A horrific crime story has now hit Netflix; The horrifying account of Michelle Knight’s kidnapping—she was 21 years old when she was taken in—and her subsequent 11 years held captive in Ariel’s house is told in the movie “Cleveland Abduction,” which Netflix recently added as a new real crime drama.

 It also covers Amanda and Gina Story and how these three women were chained up; it also shows their bond with each other with a hope of escape in their eyes. 

 This drama is based on a true story, and viewers described this drama as shocking, horrific and brutal. 

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