Who is Brendon Morris Thearson? | Real Person | Dropout

The famous drama series “The Drop Out” introduces a new engineer, Brandon Morris, and people are wondering if he is based on an actual person.

The Dropout is an American series created by Elizabeth Meriwether; the series is completely based on a podcast, “The Dropout,” hosted by Rebecca Jarvis and produced by ABC News.

The podcast is particularly based upon the same name, and it is regarding the Holmes Theranos controversy, which was published over the course of six episodes at the beginning of 2019.

This series is based on the true story of Elizabeth Holmes, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, a teenager and a Stanford dropout who founds Thearsons.


Brendon Morris From Thearson; Who Is He?

This series documented the disgraced biotechnology company Thearsons and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. In the third episode of this series, Elizebath was under pressure and needed to prove to the board members that she could fulfill her duties and was able to handle the responsibilities of a CEO.

And for this, she wanted to speed up the prototype development process; however, new technologies and expertise required to make it work and run smoothly are still years away. And for this, Elizabeth recruits Brendon Morris, an exceptional and dedicated engineer, to lead her engineering team. To speed up the process and get her work done in no time, she pitches two teams against one another. She initially started taking care of Ku’s team and handling and working with them 24/7, but soon after, she fired them because she wasn’t satisfied with their progress.

The apparatus used by the Morris team has been called “The Edison,” but it was unable to produce desired results. And Madhava, shortly after KU was fired, departed his ways from the firm because he disagreed with Elizabeth’s methods.

Theranos, in due course, lost his core members, including KU and Madhava, due to a lack of Elizabeth’s understanding of her company’s engineering and technology aspects.


Is Drop Out New Engineer Based On Real Person?

It is still quite unclear that weather the new engineer from drop out is based on a real person or not; furthermore, Rakesh and Madhava are the most important workers of Thearson. 

Elizabeth hired Madhava and Ku, both engineers who work on device development, after launching her own company and decided to create the notion of efficient blood testing apparatus.

Utkarsh Ambudkar portrays the Rakesh Madhava role; he is one the finest actors and is best known for his work as a Jay in “Ghosts.”

While the role of Edmon Ku is portrayed by actor James Hiroyuki Liao, he is well known for his role in “Cowboy Bebop” and “Manifest.”


Holmes appointed Ku as the head of the engineering section in 2006. Ku was born in Hong Kong and later resided in Canada before moving to the US.

While working for Theranos, he supervised the development of the “Theranos 1.0” gadget. Ku is supposed to have left the company in 2008, and it is unknown where he is currently.


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