Using CBD Oil in Your Sexual Life: A Dosing Guide

Finding the Right Amount on CBD Oil for Sex for Optimal Results 

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound of marijuana that has gained immense popularity recently due to its numerous health benefits. It is famous for its anxiety relief and antidepressant qualities that come without the intoxicating high that THC commonly causes. Thus, CBD, as a safe herbal component of weed, has acquired a broad array of uses in the wellness industry, and one of such applications is libido and sexual arousal improvement. 

So, how can CBD help your sexual life, and what CBD-infused products can indeed serve these goals efficiently? How to use CBD oil for sex, and what amount and administration method is right to receive tangible effects? Read on to learn the details and use CBD as a sexuality booster. 

What Does CBD Have to Do with Libido? 

On the one hand, a connection between marijuana and libido is not that evident. On the other hand, there are numerous anecdotal accounts of more acute sensations and intense pleasure that people experience during sexual intercourse when high. Thus, one may suggest that weed has some effects on human sexual pleasure and the intensity of sexual enjoyment. 

The trick is in the impact of THC and CBD on the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a comprehensive regulatory system in any person’s organism that has receptors of two types; both interact with weed. In most cases, the nature of that interaction is felt in the form of anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties of CBD. However, the ECS also regulates human libido, so by “unlocking” the ECS potential with CBD intake, some users can experience tangible results in terms of their sexual sensations. 

Sexual Pleasure and Anxiety 

Another pronounced benefit of CBD for your sexual life is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It’s commonly known that stress, worries, and distracting thoughts often come in the way of proper relaxation vital for sexual enjoyment. Therefore, taking a regular dose of CBD before your romantic meeting with a partner increases the chances of maximizing sexual pleasure and intensifying your sex drive. 

CBD and Erectile Dysfunction 

Besides an indirect effect on the human ECS in terms of anxiety relief and sex drive enhancement, CBD can cause pretty straightforward improvements in erectile performance in men. There is a long-standing tradition in Ayurveda medicine to treat ED with cannabis sativa. The physiology of weed’s effects on ED is not yet fully understood, but experts suggest that positive effects result from blood vessel relaxation and blood flow improvements. As a result, men can make love longer and experience more pronounced sensations during sexual intercourse. 

CBD-Infused Lubricants 

Insufficient lubrication is often a problem in couples, which causes dryness and discomfort during sexual intercourse. CBD-infused lubricants can become an essential aid in such cases, as they are sure to bring numerous benefits in one go. First, they can improve sexual performance due to the lubrication-enhancing texture; second, they can produce an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and moisturize the users’ skin in the most sensitive areas. This way, the products with CBD can make sex more pleasurable and remove all friction-related inconvenience or pain. 

Sex Drive Enhancement 

Though there is still little clinical evidence on this subject, some studies say cannabis can affect sexual arousal in users if properly dosed. Thus, cannabis use can become a valid sexual drive booster in people who suffer from suboptimal levels of sexual activity. 

Safe Dosing and Product Choice for Sexual Activity 

With so much said about the benefits of CBD for sexual performance, you may feel a bit confused about what CBD products to use for the best effects and how to dose CBD properly. On the one hand, we would recommend a rule of thumb that works for all CBD users: 

  • Small amounts of CBD invigorate the user and cause them to feel energized. 
  • High doses of CBD calm the users down and help them relax and unwind. 

You can determine the right dose for your romantic evening using these tips. If you feel a low sex drive and need an energy booster, a small CBD dose can work just right for you. In case you’re too stressed and can’t relax to enjoy sexual intercourse to a maximum, a higher CBD dose can work the best way. 

In terms of product selection, everything depends on your prior experience with CBD and overall expectations from the intake. Users who expect tangible sexual benefits from this compound can choose among the following: 

  • CBD lubricants. This option is ideal for most users, as it improves physical comfort, removes dryness, and enhances sex drive without the risk of overdosing. 
  • CBD gummies. This variant is also good for all categories of users, but edibles take long to start acting. Thus, we recommend taking them 1-1.5 hours before the date begins so that you feel sexual arousal just in time. 
  • CBD oil. This optimal CBD product may fit your needs in many ways. It can be added to massage oil to create a relaxing body effect. Otherwise, you can take CBD oil sublingually to feel relaxed 10-15 minutes later. 
  • CBD joints and pre-rolls. This variant is great for smokers, as CBD pre-rolls start acting immediately, giving you the desired relaxation and sex drive. 

A Word of Caution 

With these facts and observations at your fingertips, you might want to consider CBD products for your next date. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that CBD, as a marijuana derivative, comes with a couple of significant side effects that can show up if you overuse CBD or use marijuana instead of purified CBD. These health risks include lower follicle production in women, inhibited sperm development in men, and disruptions of ovulation and reproductive cycle in women. Thus, it is advisable to use only CBD for sexual purposes and choose only safe, organic products with zero health risks. Besides, you need to check the overall legality of CBD use in your jurisdiction. Though it is a broadly available over-the-counter remedy available without a prescription, some limitations may still apply. 

Lana Braslavska, an expert in CBD use and production and a full-time blogger at AskGrowers, prepared the article. Lana holds a firm belief that cannabis is a helpful remedy for all categories of consumers, so she works hard to spread word of mouth and share her knowledge about varied CBD and weed use variants for all health needs. 

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