Sondra Theodore Teeth, Spouse, Drug, Marriage, Hugh Hefner

Sondra Theodore’s recent appearance on Secrets of Playboy has urged the internet on fire. People are already speculating about Sondra Theodore’s drug use and its negative consequences on her; they have also noted a difference in her present tooth. 

Sondra Theodore is an American model and a well-known personality in Industry; she rose to fame in the seventies as playboy journal’s playmate of the Month 1977.

She dated the Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and recently, in an interview, she claimed that she had a miserable relationship with Hugh Hefner and she was involved in bad activities.

Let’s see Sondra Theodore’s story of a playboy mansion and how that affects her life.

Sondra And Her Relation With Hugh

Sondra Theodore was born on December 12, 1956, making her 66 years old as of 2022, she was born and raised in San Bernardino, California.

She was with Hugh Hefner from 1976 to 1981, and throughout her relationship period, she lived in a playboy mansion.

In a recent episode of Secrets of Playboy, she answered all the questions about her drug use and its adverse effects that brought in her life.

Furthermore, she also claimed that her life became pathetic when she was in a relationship with him and was involved in all sorts of bad things ranging from sex to drugs; she accused Hugh Hefner of pushing her on the wrong path.

Sondra Theodore Tooth Appearance

Sondra Theodore’s appearance in an interview raised many rumors and accusations regarding her teeth and the adverse drug effects on it. Many claim that she had a different set of tooth construction when she was young, and now there seem to be adjustments in her tooth formation, while others think she might be using fake teeth because some drugs have adverse effects on teeth.

She herself accepted that she was using drugs when she was in a relationship.

 But to many, her teeth seem perfectly fine; she is now a 66-year-old lady; thus, her teeth seem perfect as per age. 

Drug Selling

Another bad habit that she opted for from his ex-boyfriend is drug Selling. She confessed that she was a drug mule and used to go to sellers and bring cocaine and drugs for Hugh. She further claims that she was fully brainwashed and manipulated by Hugh to do things as per his commands.

Did Sondra Theodore get married?

Sondra Theodore married Ray Manzella in 1985, he was his manager, and the couple had two children. Her daughter’s name is Katie Jo Manzella, and her son is named Taylor. And after spending 11 years with each other, they both got separated. She again married for the second time in 2000.

How old was Sondra Theodore when she dated Hugh Hefner?

Sondra Theodore dated Hugh Hefner for five years (1976-1981); she used to live with him in a playboy mansion.

Sondra was 19 years old and working as a model, while Hugh Hefner was 50 years old at the time they both dated each other.

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