MidJourney AI App | Free AI Art App Download for IOS/android

MidJourney AI is an Android app that utilizes neural network technology to generate images based on user-defined topics. Users have the ability to select various parameters such as picture resolution, quality, and other specifications.


Please be aware that in the unpaid version, you are limited to generating a maximum of 25 images. To remove these limitations, you will need to subscribe and pay for a subscription.

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To work with the platform, you need to provide account information in Discord. Next, you have to join one of the channels whose name begins with newbies#.

Then you need to send the /imagine command to the chat and enter the subject of the picture. Requests are made in English only.

Image creation

Depending on the workload of the servers, the generation of art may take several minutes. After the request is processed, you will be offered four options for low-resolution images. You can select one of them and redraw it in a higher quality.

It is also possible to reset the current result and re-process the request.


The service provides options to customize various aspects such as quality, format, level of detail, and more. By inputting specific keys alongside the main command, you can make selections. For instance, using the “-ar 16:9” option will generate the image in the desired aspect ratio. It is also possible to omit specific objects and save preset configurations.

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