Michelle Zauner Husband, Age, Bio, Wedding And More Interesting Info

The musician who performs as Japanese Breakfast is now also a published ‘Crying in H Mart’ book author  – Michelle Zauner has done both works improbably well.

This 33-year-old talented lady was born in Seoul; her father was Jewish -American while her mother was Korean.

MichelleZauner is a Korean American singer, filmmaker, musician, director, writer, and whatnot; she is best known as a lead vocalist and a songwriter for pop bands.

She is happily married to Peter Bradley; he was a bandmate of Micheal who played guitar and keyboard.

Michelle Zauner Bio

 MichelleZauner spent her first year of life in Seoul, later her parents relocated to Eugene, oregano, which  she describes as

‘a happie town where everyone wears Birkenstocks and makes nut butter.’

She spent her childhood in the Pacific Northwest with summer visits to Seoul. Her mother used to work at a hotel’s front desk, where she met Micheal’s father. 

She started playing piano at the young age of five, and when she was 15, she learned to play guitar and compose music. She was a big fan of artists like Joanna Newsom, Mount Eerie, and Modest Mouse.

Zauner studied creative writing at  Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, where she developed a love for writers like Philip Roth, Richard Ford, and John Updike. 

In a podcast hosted by Evan Kleiman, She recalls about her childhood that

“I was a tomboy who really struggled to be good, and my mom constantly scolded me because I was very reckless and impatient. At an early age, I realized that I couldn’t be well-behaved; I was excellent at being courageous. My relatives used to call me “yeppeun,” which means “pretty,” every time I ate well, and it’s something that’s always really celebrated in my home.”

The multi-talented celebrity has released three studio albums, starting with Psychopomp and going on to include Jubilee, Another Planet (2021), and Soft Sounds.

The New Yorker, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour have all featured Zauner’s work. Through Alfred A. Knopf, she released her debut book, Crying in H Mart: A Memoir, in 2021. Her book was one of the New York Times bestseller lists of July 2022 for one continuous year.

Michelle Zauner Husband

MichelleZauner is blissfully married to Peter Bradley; according to Micheal, her marriage was unexpected and tragic. When her mother was in hospital suffering from pancreatic cancer, When she was in the hospital with her mother, she used to call Peter her boyfriend. Later on, she proposed to Peter for marriage two weeks prior to her mother’s death. 

She asked Peter to marry her after seeing her mother’s health decline because she needed flowers, colors, and macaroons to help her through the sorrow. 

In her autobiography Crying in H Mart, she writes: 

“Instead of mulling over blood thinners and Fentanyl, we could discuss Chiavari chairs, macarons, and dress shoes. Instead of bedsores and catheters, it’d be color schemes, updos, and shrimp cocktails. Something to fight for, a celebration to look forward to.”

Are Michelle Zauner and Peter Bradley still Married?

Yes, they have been married since 2014 and are living healthy and happy lives. Additionally, Zauner dedicated her husband, Peter Bradley, to the song “Till Death” from Soft Sounds from Another Planet.

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