Lashon Dixon – Messiah Harris’ Mother

Lashon Dixon: The Mother of T.I’s Oldest Children

Lashon Dixon is a well-known media personality and beautician who rose to fame due to her relationship with the American rapper T.I. Despite her thriving career, her life continues to come under scrutiny because of her brief romance with the rapper, which resulted in two of his oldest children. 

Lashon Dixon starred in the reality series “Mothers Funders,” which reflected her deep passion for the Parent-Teacher Organization in her children’s school. She has since moved on from her relationship with T.I. and is now focused on her family and marriage to Teshon Thompson.

The Early Life of Lashon Dixon

Lashon was born on January 15, 1979, in Atlanta. She grew up in a loving home with her mother, Barbara Ann Miles, and her sister, Carmelita Backham. Lashon describes her mother as a fun person, but it was her older sister who raised her due to her mother’s absence.

Lashon, however, left school early before finishing her schooling. And moved in with her father after quitting. She went back to school in her later years and studied part-time.

Her Mother Was A Drug User

As a mother herself, Lashon has fond memories of her mother, except for her drug use. Her mother used drugs extensively and later suffered from dementia, which led her to a nursing home.

Lashon Dixon Stars On Mothers Funders

Lashon is one of the founders of the Bravo reality television network “Mothers Funders.”  And has a career as a media figure. The show aims to raise funds through the Parent-Teacher Organization to support the school and features Lashon alongside seven other women, all of whose children attend the same elementary school.

The show debuted on Bravo in 2015 and ran for only one season, consisting of eight episodes.

She Has A Long-Term Relationship With T.I.

Lashon was in a long-term relationship with T.I. and is forever linked to the rapper and producer. She first met T.I. at College Park, where the mother of T.I. and her older sister shared an apartment building. They grew up together and began dating in 1995 when she was 13, and he was 11.

T.I. was her first love, and the couple warmly welcomed two children together and were together until 2004. However, their relationship did not lead to marriage, and they eventually broke up.

She Is Married To Teshon Thompson. 

Lashon Dixon and Teshon Thompson have had a strong commitment to each other since they first met. Teshon is the owner and driver of a trucking company, and Lashon assists him in managing the business when he is not available. Additionally, she also manages their household.


Many individuals who keep up with T.I.’s life are aware of the kids he has with Lashon. She gave birth to Messiah Harris and Damani Harris.

Messiah was born in the year 2000, while his younger brother was born on March 16, 2001. When they were little, the brothers made an appearance on their father’s reality program, “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.”


Lashon Dixon has a daughter, Ajah Carter, with her husband, Teshon Thompson. Through her marriage to Teshon, Lashon also has a “bonus daughter,” Niya, from Teshon’s previous relationship.

Lashon Dixon Early years 

In the early years of her life, Lashon took up a job as a hairstylist at Walmart to make ends meet. She recalls many people visiting the shop after seeing her on television following her child support case with T.I. Some came to satisfy their curiosity about whether she still worked there, while others came to have their hair done by her, fascinated by the idea of having their locks styled by someone who was once in the public eye.

Domani Harris: A Talented Musician

Lashon Dixon’s son, Domani Harris, is a talented musician who has followed in his father, T.I.’s footsteps. Domani started his music journey by performing and rapping while on tour with his father. He later honed his skills and has since released his own material, including his first album, “The Process,” in 2016. He and his father were also nominated for a Tony Award for their collaboration on “Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical.”

Future Business Endeavors

As depicted in “MothersFunders,” Lashon Dixon is always open to new business ventures, but she prioritizes the well-being of her family. However, she wants to have something of her own and has plans to start a talent agency. With her experience in managing her son’s careers, she believes this venture will be a success.

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