JiDion Real Name, Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend, And Parents

JiDion is an American YouTuber, Instagrammer, and a live-Streamer; he is famously known for his Vlogs and prank videos. 

Alone on YouTube, he has over 5.93million subscribers as of 2022; his content mainly includes messing with people, pranks, and hilarious content. 

Read the article to learn more about this prankster’s age, height, name, and much more.

Who Is JiDion?

JiDion was born on 12 December 2001; as of 2022, he is 21 years old. JiDion was born and grew up in Texas, United States.

JiDion completed his early education at the local school in Texas, and since his High School times, he was known as a class clown.

JiDion created his channel on YouTube on July 1, 2018, and began uploading his content. At first, he didn’t gain much recognition and followers until 2019; his videos started to gain millions of views with some of his videos.

JiDion Real Name

JiDion real name is Jidon Adams; he also goes by DeMarcus Cousins III in honor of his grandfather, Demarcus Cousins I. He has lived in Houston, Texas, and completed his early education there. 

JiDion’s Parents and Siblings

JiDion was born and raised in the United States, has a mixed ethnicity, and belongs to American nationality. However, he hasn’t shared any information regarding his parents or siblings on the web.JiDion Adams marital status is single, and he hasn’t disclosed any details about his past relationships. 

JiDion Height and Age

JiDion was born on December 12, 2001, and is 21 years old; he is a young and good-looking man. He is about 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 76-80 kg. He has short black hair and brown eyes.

JiDion Net Worth

JiDion net worth is estimated to be around $172k-$1.03M. JiDion is a content creator whose major income source is his YouTube Videos; apart from that, he also sells his own merchandise.

JiDion Wikipedia

JiDion was born on December 12, 2001(21 years); he was born and raised in America and has faith in Christianity.

JiDion completed his early education at a local school in Texas, later enrolled at a Local university in Houston, Texas, and received his diploma.

Since his childhood, he was much in extracurricular activities and pranks and was known as a class clown, but who knows, these extra activities can be one-day JiDion’s main career and will make him famous.

JiDion has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers on it; he joined YouTube on July 2, 2018, and didn’t gain much recognition at first, but later on, he reached a milestone of 100,000 subscribers in September 2019 and in 2020 and 2021 his subscriber list grows incredibly fast and in October 2021 he has 5.93million subscribers.

He also has two other YouTube channels, namely JiDion premium, which has 1.91 Million subscribers, and JiDion Shorts which has 86.7K subscribers.

His channel’s first video was “I Got Suspended From Hustling At My School.”

And his most Viewed Video till now is “Funniest Prank Of 2022”.

JiDion Banned:

  • He was kicked out of the US Open in September 2022 after sitting in the front row and getting a haircut during Nick Kyrgios’ match against Karen Khachanov. This video quickly went viral on the internet.
  • He was also banned from Wimbledon for life after making gestures on camera during a quarter-final match between Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner. Soon after, he was led away by security and given the ban.
  • JiDion is also permanently banned from Twitch after encouraging his followers to “hate-raid” popular streamer Pokimane.

JiDion Adam Controversies 

JiDion and Pokimane Controversy

JiDion had a twitch account under the username of jidionpremium. On January 12, 2022, he celebrated his Twitch partnership, but while celebrating, he raided another popular twitch streamer, Pokimane, by spamming” L+ratio” to her chats, and his fans also began spamming her comments. Pokimane didn’t tolerate that behavior and decided to end up a live stream. 

The following day, on January 13, JiDion was banned from Twitch for 14 days, and Poki went on to criticize Twitch for JiDion’s verification and defend her use of the “hard-R” that JiDion discovered by saying that she supported and donated to Black Lives Matter. JiDion’s ban from Twitch was made permanent after Poki demanded it.

This permanent ban by Twitch on JiDion caused back clashes by multiple creators online, such as IShowSpeed, Zach The Saint, Turkey Tom, and many others.

They all raised their voices and said it was more than black and white and it was an unfair ban.

JiDion on February 3, 2022, regardless of controversy, they met with each other, and JiDion tweeted that he had settled his issues with Imane; he even recorded while he was with her and uploaded the video on YouTube.

JiDion And Twitchcon 

During TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022, he decided to run over to TommyInnit and troll him. He was kicked out of TwitchCon and banned from the event after trolling or harassing Tommy. 

Later, Tommy addressed the issue on a live stream and said that Twitch would make sure to have extra security at Twitch San Diego. He further said that he was getting in touch with JiDion to delete that video because it was made without his consent.

A few days later, JiDion also addressed that issue and said he didn’t harass Tommy and uploaded that video. After the video was released, the video spoke for itself, and it was proven that JiDion didn’t harass Tommy.

After that video release, Tommy received major backlash from fans, but Tommy said that they both squashed their beef on the call and what happened was just a misunderstanding between them and nothing more.

Is JiDion a Harvard? 

On March 2, JiDion Adams disrupted a Life Sciences lecture at the Sanders Theater at the University of Harvard.JiDion Adams posted a video of himself posing as a Harvard student and sneaking into a lecture. Adams entered the classroom with a loud typewriter and began shouting and taking notes with it. JiDion claimed that he was “kicked out of Harvard” as a result of his prank.

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