Indigo White Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Career, Family, Books

Indigo White, also known as Cocochampange on the internet, is a renowned YouTuber, Instagram, and American model.

Her social media content mostly comprises artwork, gaming videos, live streams, cosplays, and adult content.

Indigo White Wiki

The Cocochampange of the internet, Indigo white, is a famous YouTuber, Tik Toker, and social media star.

Indigo white was born on September 1, 1995, in Florida, the United States; she is 27 years old as of 2022. Indigo white is an American by nationality and of white ethnicity. 

Unlike most of her friends, Indigo loved playing video games and was quite active in sports. After completing his early education, she decided to pursue a career as a model and social media star. Although her parents were opposed to her decision and wanted her to go to college, she refused.

Even though Indigo’s dream of becoming a social media sensation looked unattainable, she worked at it and is now reaping the rewards.

Indigo white Career

Indigo white worked as a waitress before getting famous through Instagram. She worked hard to support herself financially while pursuing her dream, and luckily after success on social media, she quit her job and dedicated herself to uploading pictures and videos. Her content stood out among others because she mainly uploaded her pictures taken during cosplay.

Indigo white Books

Indigo not only won the hearts of her audience through social media, but she is also the author of two books: “The City Girl CookBook” and “Do You Really Want To Be A Cam Girl?”. Indigo, in the past, also suffered from anxiety and has two dogs, Soul and Miso. 

Indigo White Boyfriend/Relationship 

She dated Brandon in 2014, but they broke it off after a few months. Tyler, a boy she apparently met online, became the next boy she started dating for about a year. Then she met ’50shadesofsomething’ on Instagram; the guy lived outside of the USA; this was a long-distance relationship. The past two years have seen White have a number of partnerships with females. She speaks affectionately of them, and rumors have it that she’s seeing a female right now.

Indigo White’s Net worth

Indigo is quite active on different platforms on social media; her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million-$1.5 million. Apart from posting pictures online and cosplaying, she sells her merchandise.

Indigo White Instagram:

Indigo white is on Instagram with the username @indigowhitecosplay; she has 332 k followers and 768 posts. On Instagram, she mostly posted her cosplay pictures. 

Indigo white Twitter

Indigo was active on Twitter and had 100,000 Followers, but her account got banned due to a violation of their rules and services. 

Indigo White Twitch

Indigo is presently concentrating on her Twitch channel as well. Instead of playing video games, she spends much of her time interacting with her fans on social media, where she has amassed more than 60,000 followers and likes. She started her channel on June 3, 2012, although she didn’t start posting regularly until years later.

Indigo White Tik Tok

She made a lot of effort in the early stages of her career to increase her TikTok following. She became well-known after making unique TikTok recordings. When Musically was the name of the app, she was dependable. Since her content was deemed pornographic, her movies were only available to viewers at least 18 years old.

Indigo White YouTube

Indigo joined YouTube on 10 May 2015; she has 75.1 k subscribers. She mostly posted her life routine and updates on her trying to learn a new language.

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