Christopher Cody | Meet Miley Cyrus Half Brother, Bio, Net Worth

Christopher Cody Cyrus is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus, an American singer, and actor; he is also the half-brother of Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.

Christopher Cody Biography

Christopher Cody was born on 8 April 1992  to Kristen Lucky and Billy Ray. 

He is 30 years old as of 2022. He is the half-brother of successful American singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus.

Bill Ray and Kristen Lucky used date each other from June 1991 to August 1991, and just after Christopher’s birth, they broke up, and Bill started dating another woman, his future wife “Tish” Finley, who is a producer and an actress. Bill shared a loving bond with her and welcomed their first baby Miley Cyrus on 23 November 1992, right after seven months after Cody’s birth.

Kristin Luckey, Christopher’s mother, is a South Carolina woman Billy Ray dated briefly after his divorce from Cindy. Christopher was conceived during a brief fling, according to reports.

Billy Ray was not initially involved in Christopher’s life, but he later became involved, and the two now have a close relationship.

Christopher’s Relationship With Cyrus’s Family

 Christopher isn’t on good terms with his father or with his siblings. Braison, Miley, and Noah are Christopher’s three half-siblings from Billy’s side. Cody also has two step-siblings on his stepmother’s side. Named Trace and Brandi.

Christopher was always on the back foot while attending family events.

Cyrus’s family once attended a family reality show, and Christopher wasn’t even invited; he himself acknowledged and recalled this heartbreaking moment by saying, “That Kind Of Sucked.”

He was nowhere to be seen on awards shows or any other family events. 

Miley, on her sixteen birthday, received a whole recording studio from his father, while Christopher didn’t even get birthday wishes sometimes.

Despite that, Cody mentions, “I’m on good terms, but I don’t really have a relationship with them.”


Christopher isn’t in the limelight like his father and siblings; Cody graduated from Law School at UT in Austin, Texas.

Despite being born into a wealthy family, He used to work in an electronic store and earned around $7.5 per hour.

Cody’s father always focuses on Miley and his other kids and completely ignores him. 

Christopher Relationship

Christopher is currently single and isn’t dating anyone. He is an introverted guy and keeps his personal life away from the spotlight, so there isn’t any information about her love life.

In an interview, he mentioned that he is currently focusing on his career and has no plans to settle down.

Christopher Cody Net worth

Christopher has no financial support from his family and is making a living for himself by working in stores. 

Christopher does not seem to have inherited any of his father’s wealth. In fact, he has stated in interviews that he is self-sufficient and does not receive financial support from his family.

While it is unclear how he came into his own wealth, it is clear that he is not reliant on his father’s fortune.

While on the other hand, his sister Miley Cyrus has a whooping net worth of $160 million, along with his father’s wealth.

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