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Amy Schneider is an American Engineer manager who became famous when she appeared on the quiz show Jeopardy. 

Amy Schneider, a resident of Oakland, California, participated in the quiz show in November 2021; she holds the record for the second-longest win streak in Jeopardy, having 40 consecutive games from November 2021 to January 2022. She is the most successful woman ever to compete on the show.

People initially thought of her as a middle-aged woman, but after her consecutive wins, people dig into her past and discover that she is a transgender woman who once was a man and had undergone surgical procedures.

Amy Schneider Wiki

Amy was born on May 29, 1979, in Dayton, Ohio, and as of 2022, she is 43 years old.

She attended Chaminade-Julienne High School. In eighth grade, she was voted Most Likely to Appear on Jeopardy by her classmates. This voting developed a deep interest in Amy appearing on the show.

Before appearing on Jeopardy, Amy used to work as an engineering manager. She rose to prominence after 40 consecutive wins on Jeopardy, a quiz show.

Amy Schneider Gender

Amy Schneider is a trans woman who identified as a man before surgery. Amy began her career as a software engineer and has been married to a woman named Kelly Anneken since 2014. Around 2016 Amy began seeing himself as a woman, and the couple got divorced in 2016.

But despite the divorce, they are still on good terms.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Amy Schneider’s birth name is Thomas E Schneider, and she was identified as a man. She went to Chaminade High School and attended the University of Dayton.

But during her student years, his classmate’s used to tease her and call her trans due to his physical properties that resembled women. 

In 2016 she started to see herself as a Woman and decided to undergo sex alteration surgery and become a woman. In 2017 she completed her gender transition and changed her name from Thomas to Amy. Unfortunately, her photos before becoming a woman are not available. 

Amy Schneider Tattoo

After going through a transition from men to women, Amy Schneider decided to have a tattoo. She had one tattoo on her left arm. Her tattoo was no wear to be seen on the quiz show Jeopardy because the producer told her to cover it with sleeves.

When the show had a two weeks break for the spin-off professor, Amy shared a photo of herself with a cat, Meep, on Twitter. She was wearing a sleeveless top, so the public came to know about her tattoo. 

She later on, came to explain the meaning of her tattoo by tweeting.

She wrote, “For those who are unaware, my tattoo depicts Ozma from the Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum wrote many sequels to “The Wizard Of Oz,” and Princess Ozma was the ruler of Oz in all of them. She was the rightful heir, but as a baby, she was abducted by a sorceress who enchanted her to transform into a boy.”

She continued, “Eventually, the enhancement is removed, and she is revealed to be the beautiful princess she has always been.” “As a result, it seemed like the ideal image to Commemorate my transition,” Schneider added.

Who is Amy Schneider’s Partner Now?

Amy Schneider was previously married to Keely Anneken in 2004 when she identified as a man. However, when she began to see herself as a woman, she divorced Keely in 2016. She then underwent a surgical procedure to become a neutralized woman.

She later got engaged to Genevieve David; Amy proposed to Genevieve in 2020; they met each other through Amy’s friend. After a three-month engagement, Schneider married her partner Genevieve Davis on May 9, 2022.

Amy Schneider Children 

Amy is the proud mother of two transgender kids named Ryu, age 13, and Lou, age 11. She had become a bit of a representation hawk in the years since her children were born. She looks for stories or examples of transgender people doing cool things to share with her children.

How much Did Amy Schneider Win on Jeopardy?

Amy Schneider is one of the record-breaking contestants on Jeopardy; her dazzling streak of 40 days of winnings ends in January 2022 and takes a whopping amount of $1.3 million.

What Is Amy Schneider Doing Now?

Amy Schneider announced that she had quit her software engineer job and would focus on her new life as a public figure. She made this announcement through the social media apps Twitter just two weeks before her final episode aired. 

She left her job behind and now working on a book proposal. In an interview with GLAAD, she said ‘One thing that I’m going to be working on is trying to write a book “.

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