Why Shopify

We suggest Shopify as the ideal choice for our clients who are either big or small e-commerce businesses or seeking an online platform to sell. We recommend it to our clients to sell their products through our customized Shopify website. Shopify is an easy solution for brands to ship their products and make payments anywhere in the world.

Why Shopify

Why We suggest Shopify?

Shopify is a very user-friendly e-commerce platform with all the required features to set up an online store. It’s quick and efficient to use without worrying about the development and servers costs that can be incurred in other self-hosted platforms. It’s also super easy to use if you follow the Shopify video guidelines.

Hosting & Security Ensured

Shopify ensures its security and hosting on a reliable server platform with a secure connection. From annual on-site checking to continuous risk support, Shopify is certified Level 1PCI keeps the e-commerce hosting and shopping cart secure. Shopify ensures server maintenance and provides regular compliance (when dealing with credit cards) with the subscription fee to avoid any hassle for online retailers.

Quick & Efficient Management

The Shopify dashboard is clean, user-friendly, and intuitive which is designed to manage your orders efficiently. You can easily go through the store and check your daily sales, inventory, shipping, and update on-site content management. The regular analytics and reports are generated through the in-built tools which help you get an insight into your business growth.

Secure & Reliable Payment Method

Shopify is the best choice in terms of payment for the retailers as they can easily and instantly receive credit and debit card payments. No more banking channels are involved or additional transaction fees charged. You can also directly link your external payment gateways to receive your payments from customers.

Worth the Price

Starting with just $29 /month as the basic plan is worth the price. It gives you everything you need to set up an e-commerce store. You can always upgrade the plan when the business flourishes later.


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